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The Accomplish Math was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.

We want to empower all students to achieve excellence and confidence in Math.

Professor Shana Tarman"Math Cheerleader", M.Ed. has been working with students for over 17 years in the areas of Math and Science. Ms. Tarman received my education from Cal Poly Pomona earning a B.S. and M.S. I also earned another degree  M.Ed from the University of La Verne . Over the years of teaching, I obtained certificates in Accommodating Students with Disabilities, Postsecondary Reading & Learning, and Online Teaching.

The story behind the "Math Cheerleader". It started about 10 years ago while in my classroom. I noticed that semester that I had several students with math anxiety, math defeated,or simply hating math. After several motivational discussions and sharing my own history/experience with math,I noticed they needed someone to cheer them on. I started to occasionally bring in pom poms and cheer them on. By the end of the semester, I had students tell me that it was their first time ever enjoying a math class. My parting message to them is to continue to shine and never give up. Over the years, I started to wear clothing and shoes with sparkles to remind them and myself to keep shining.

My  educational philosophy:

My educational philosophy is deeply rooted with the idea of "caring" as its core.  I believe and care for each student as an individual who has many talents.  I welcome and celebrate the diversity of my students, recognizing that each is a unique individual who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. 

My experience as a college professor and tutor outside the classroom gives direct insight of what is needed to be successful in college. I have helped countless number of students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores and grades, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. I love celebrating those victories with my students. I  incorporate passion and understanding with my teaching methods. 

 My teaching strategies reflect that learning is an active process by which learners construct new knowledge and meaning based on past and present knowledge and experience. It is my belief that by using a variety of teaching strategies I will be better able to meet the diverse learning styles of my students and act as a facilitator of learning as they begin their life-long educational journey.  

By bringing my excitement and enthusiasm for math, I hope to inspire a love of life-long learning in my students.  I will do my utmost to provide a caring environment that is conducive to learning as well as providing a safe and non-threatening setting in which to practice new skills and explore new ideas. 

Testimonials for Prof. Tarman

 "Ms. Tarman is AMAZING! I had been out of school for 6 years, I was extremely nervous to go back & she made the process so easy. Her lectures are very clear, she's very patient and is willing to help you understand as much as possible"


 "I highly recommend this teacher to all that need a refresher in math and have a math-phobia. You will love math after you take her class and also learn better ways of problem solving. She really cares about your success in class"



"This is a teacher that really relates to students who just don't get math. She does all she can to help you and has great memory tricks. 


 "My son is a homeschooler and teaching math is my weakness. 
We tried different math programs; web and text-book based and my son was not grasping the concepts. I came across Accomplish Math Learning Center through a homeschool group. Ms. Shana is kind and patient. My son enjoys his sessions with her and he looks forward to math 
Ms. Shana explains math in a way he understands. Best of all, he's learning. 
I highly recommend Ms. Shana!." 

-Irene T.

Thank you for helping me. It really means a lot to me. And you really helped me try in school, because I never cared about school. But now I know the meaning of it because of you.

-Samantha (student) 2019


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Benefits of Working with an Accomplish Math Tutor


Accomplish Math Learning Center has a strong team of trained tutors with many of them college students, college graduates, and college professors.

Each tutor:

  • Has mastery of the material that he/she teaches.
  • Has great communication skills and offer immediate feedback.
  • Passionate about teaching 
  • Help students gain independence and confidence

Meet Our Tutors

Professor Shana, Educational Coordinator- works with K-12 with planning lessons, catching students up, advancing students, homework assistance,and home school online

Teacher Jennifer (K-8th)

Tammy (6th-12th)

Tutor Hayden (9th-12th)

Tutor Kelly (9th-12th)

Tutor Tommy (9th-12th)

Tutor Jonah  (9th-12th-Online only)

Online Tutor (several)- works with middle school to high school interactive online homework assistance